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Timber Laminate Factory

Wodonga, VIC


MCA was very excited to be involved in the design and documentation of XLAM’s cross-laminated timber facility in Victoria. This project involved the creation of a large factory with minimal columns internally to allow for the extensive amount of imported machinery to be set up. We worked with the client and contractor to ensure all clearances were met and the complicated services requirements were coordinated.


The façade of the factory aimed to incorporate the landscape directly adjacent to the site. The purpose was to provide a level of interest and break down the expansive building envelope. Photos of the site were taken and pixelated, with colours selected and then matched to standard Colorbond colours. These pixelations were added to the elevations at particular areas around the building, culminating on the administration corner.


Our involvement extended to a concept design (unbuilt) for a display area for cross-laminated timber. The concept design presented the possibilities available using CLT and integrated a welcome/function area with meeting rooms and amenities for staff and visitors.


Builder: Joss Group

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