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School Amenities

Warranwood, VIC


This project was competed for the Victorian School Building Authority as part of their pride works upgrades to schools. The scope comprised upgrades to the school’s four existing toilet blocks, including the teachers' block.


The existing toilets had been in place since the school was built. They were dark, uncomfortable and tired. Our brief for fresh and welcoming toilets was one key driving concept; that toilets are often considered a place of safety, retreat, and solitude - a sanctuary that children can retire to if they need to be by themselves. The toilets should not be somewhere children dread going and using. This is something that is recognised as an integral part of a school’s well-being and mental health program and had to be imbued in the design.


We worked closely with the school, initially working through several reference images they had considered suitable as part of this theory and then developing the design together. The result is a series of four independent designs, each with a different colour palette. The brief included space to mount motivational posters and therefore each toilet block has a tile dado wall with white plasterboard above where these posters can easily be mounted. 

Builder: Boden Corp.

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