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Childcare Centre

Clyde, VIC

Completed 2022

Mundaring is a two-level childcare centre in Clyde, south east of Melbourne. It is an area of exponential growth and there is a great need for pre-school care facilities. Our client, The Judy Clarkson Cranbourne Day Care and Kindergarten Centre group are a family run business and have been working in the area for the last 50 years. They are particular in that they are both client and end user which means they have a great interest in all aspects of the design and working with them was a truly collaborative experience. This centre is the second we are completing for this group, the first was ‘Oroya’ completed at the end of 2020.

This project incorporates nine childcare rooms connecting to deep verandah’s for outdoor learning. These lead out onto outdoor play areas with a mix of play equipment, garden, and vegetable gardens. On the second level there is a dedicated staff area and training rooms all with viewing into the childcare rooms for teacher training and parent interviews.  Being a highly regulated space, the childcare typology requires a well-designed solution that is both aesthetically interesting particularly for children but also very functional for staff and safety processes.

Builder: Lanskey Constructions

Landscape and Playground: Barefoot Projects

Photography: Elizabeth Schiavello

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