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Don Kyett - Terrain Tamer

Warehouse, Showroom and Company Offices

Sydney, NSW


The Terrain Tamer Hub in Sydney was a close collaboration between ourselves as the design architect, project manager, client and technical architect MSK. The client, Terrain Tamer/Don Kyatt Group is a family run business providing parts for vehicles in the Australian Outback. In depth discussions with the clients provided a comprehensive background from which to develop a concept plan for their new hub in Sydney.


We had the opportunity to collaborate with renowned Gunditjmara artist Kurun Warun, a close friend of the company, to produce the feature façade. Kurun Warun was specifically commissioned by Don Kyatt to create an artwork that represented the company in his own interpretation. This was then photographed and digitally translated by MCA into a perforated screen spanning 40m along the front façade. The artwork is mounted in the foyer to be viewed by all visitors.


This project was an exciting collaboration, where the passion of the clients inspired our team to create something truly unique for their company and the opportunity to work with First Nations artist Kurun Warun was particularly enjoyable.


To see the building in detail, hear Kurun Warun explain his artwork, and find out more about this family run business from our clients please check out the link:


Client: Don Kyatt Group

Project Manager: Building Principals

Collaborating Artist: Kurun Warun

Technical Architect: MSK Architects, Sydney

Builder: Cash McInnes

Photography: Joel Strickland Media

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