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Our food retail and process experience goes back to the 2000s when we completed a number of Coles Supermarkets across Australia, including new builds and renovations of existing stores.


Some of the new stores included Coles Hallam in Victoria which was the first certified 4-star Green Star Coles, completed in 2015. We also completed stores in Williamstown, Brighton, Ivanhoe, Dandenong and Boronia.


These projects exposed us to strict food handling and hygiene requirements as well as back of house waste management processes. Materials specified were required to be suitable for such environments. We worked with Askin Performance Panels to complete a Coles supermarket using insulated panel, which worked to reduce cost and generated efficiencies in structure. The use of insulated panel is now being more widely adopted in the commercial construction space.


We have also completed Coles projects as part of larger retail precincts.

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