Bounce Inc. began as a local trampoline park expanding to be nation wide and internationally later. We worked with the client to develop standards and designs for the trampoline parks both nationally and internationally.

Projects and concepts that we worked on include Essendon Fields and Blackburn locations in Melbourne, and others in Western Australia and Queensland. Internationally, we were also involved in developing sites in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Africa, Egypt, Italy and Portugal.

In developing the Bounce Inc. adventure parks we helped to incorporate parkour courses, zip lines and rock climbing facilities into the design of the parks.

A number of the Bounce Inc. facilities were developed in various types of existing buildings including a historic aircraft hanger in a private airport, an unused horse riding facility in Turin and in a shopping centre  in Abu Dhabi allowing us develop a central concepts to suit the individual space.


Trampoline Park